A Banner Bank account holder can go the bank’s secure homepage and scroll to the top right hand side of the webpage. Click on the “Sign In” button to access a dropdown menu where you can pick the service you are interested in before signing in.

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The options include:

  • Online banking
  • Personal
    • Personal credit cards
    • Siuslaw credit card
  • Business
    • Cash Analytics
    • Company card admin
    • Individual credit card
    • International wires
    • Merchant services
    • Remote deposit
    • Siuslaw Credit card
  • Other
  • Redeem TruRewards Mastercard Points



Once a service is selected, one has to click “Sign In” once more to be redirected to a secure login page where they will type in their User ID and Password.

Mobile Login

Banner Bank has a mobile app for Android and iOS where account holders can access their accounts. You are required to provide your account ID and password to login.


Mobile Applications



Click here or visit any Banner Bank location to enroll in online banking. Call 1(800)-272-9933 for guidance.

On the online banking page given above you will click on “Register for Online Banking” as shown below.


You will be redirected to a secure page where you will accept the terms and conditions. You will then be required to enter the following.

  • Your social security number
  • Your Banner Bank account number
  • Email address you gave when opening the account.


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