Credit card account holders can digitally manage their account via Bank of America’s online banking service. Features of  the online credit card management service include the ability to pay bills, activate new cards, dispute charges, transfer balances, and check reward/bonus points. All of these features can be reviewed in-depth here.

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A credit management customer service agent can be reached at this number (1-800-732-9194). Frequently asked questions are answered on the credit card FAQ webpage.

Online Login

Step 1 – In order to manage your credit card account, you must be enrolled in online banking (click here to go to the enrollment page). If you are already enrolled/have a registered account, click here to go to the sign in webpage, and enter your user ID into the blank field as outlined in the screenshot below.


Step 2 – After clicking the ‘Sign in’ button, you will be transferred to a verification page. You must provide the correct answer to the verification question, and then click the ‘Continue’ button.


Step 3 – After successfully verifying your account, you will be transferred to another page where you can enter your password, and then access your account.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Online ID – On any sign in forms on the Bank of America website, you can click the ‘I forgot my online ID’ link below the user ID field. An account, credit or debit card number will be required, as well as a SSN, TIN, and passcode.


How to Retrieve Online ID and Create a New Password – If you have forgotten both your online ID and password, you can retrieve your ID, and then create a new password here. You will need your account or credit/debit card number, as well as your SSN or TIN. Enter these details into the appropriate fields, and then click the ‘Continue’ button.


Mobile Apps

Bank of America offers mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones, as well as tablets. The Bank of America app allows credit card account holders to easily manage their account and perform a wide array of various functions directly from their mobile device.

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Mobile Site

Mobile users can access Bank of America’s mobile banking service by going to ( On the homepage, click the ‘Sign In’ button to be redirected to the secure login page, or click the blue menu icon for more options (both of these buttons are outlined in black in the screenshot below).


After clicking the ‘Sign In’ button, you will be transferred to the mobile sign in webpage, where you must enter your user ID. After clicking the ‘Continue’ button, you will be redirected to the password page to complete the sign in process. A screenshot of the mobile login page is below:


Enroll in Online Banking

Credit card account holders with Bank of America who do not already have an online banking account, can enroll via this webpage. The process requires the completion of four steps:

Step 1 – Enter your credit/debit card or account number, and your SSN or TIN into the blank entry fields. Click the ‘continue’ button.

Step 2 – Create your ID and passcode, click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step 3 -Create your unique ‘SiteKey’ (used for verification purposes)

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